4 Xbox Features Could Be Affected by Microsoft's Thanos Snap

In terms of interface, Xbox is relatively well-designed. This console can't be said to have changed much in a decade.
Techneverends, Technology News - 4 Xbox Features Could Be Affected by Microsoft's Thanos Snap
The elegant look of Xbox series X. Credit: Engadget

Techneverends - Before we talk about Xbox, you need to know Sony recently announced that they would remove the Rewards feature, which is rarely used on Playstation 5. This feature allows you to reward other users in multiplayer games. This condition raises many questions, one of which is whether unpopular features will be that easily removed from the current gaming platform.

You got the points, right? Ok, now let's talk about the Xbox console. In terms of interface, Xbox is exceptionally well designed. This console has not undergone many changes for roughly a decade. Even their newest console, Xbox Series X/S, still uses the same interface as the Xbox One.

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However, that doesn't mean there is no room for trimming features. Based on the information we cited from Kotaku, here are four features that Microsoft might be able to remove from the Xbox console and replace with more exciting features.

Pin Favorite Games to Home

You can pin any game to Xbox permanently. You only need to hover over the game icon, click the hamburger menu, and select the Add to Home option. But behind this function, there is a little thing that bothers us because if you have played the game often, then the game will, by default, appear on the Home page as one of the most played games. Then, what is the Pin to Home function?

View Achievements in Game Clubs

Every Xbox game has a feature called Game Clubs. This feature can be accessed by opening the game card (the menu that appears after the user clicks hamburger menu) and then choosing the Official Club menu. On this page, you can see all the information related to the ranking list, detailed game information, and news updates that you can find on your favorite game news site. Then in the Progress tab, you will find the amount of time you have spent playing the game. It's interesting, but compared to its competitors, such as PlayStation or Switch, you can quickly get the features above without needing to go through a long process.

Multiplayer With Skype Support

Now video chat applications are everywhere and have yet to leave us so far. One of them is the Skype feature in the Xbox console. But the question is why? Why is the Skype function embedded in the Xbox console? Because as we know, Microsoft itself has a video chat application that is more capable, like Microsoft Teams, or integration with Discord which has the ability to Crossplay.

But beyond that, the interesting question that needs to be answered is, do you really need Skype on Xbox?

Break Reminders or Parent's Replica

If you go to the Preferences settings menu, you will find the Rest Reminder feature, which can be set in increments of 30 minutes. But come on, do you really want to make Xbox act like your parents? Currently, free time is a more valuable drill.

That's it, folks! So those were four features that Microsoft might clean up. If you are an Xbox user, what do you think? Please share your experience in the comments column below, and don't forget to visit our social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for other exciting technology news.


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