Adobe Releases Figma's First Changes After Acquisition

Adobe explains how Figma will evolve under them and a strategy for bringing in more users.
Techneverends, Technology News - Adobe Releases Figma's First Changes After Acquisition
Adobe CPO Scott Belsky speaks with Figma founder Dylan Field at Adobe MAX 2022. Credit: Adobe

Techneverends - The announcement of Adobe's acquisition of the popular design platform, Figma, caused a stir among the design community this year, as some designers worried about how the platform would turn out. At Adobe MAX 2022 conference in Los Angeles, USA, Adobe shared some new details about the merger of the two companies and some of the information behind their acquisition.

At the keynote's opening, Adobe CPO Scott Belsky invited the founder of Figma, Dylan Field, to briefly discuss the new relationship they had built. Dylan announced that the first changes to Figma will be the addition of Adobe Fonts that the design community is asking for.

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Dylan also explains how Figma joining Adobe will help Figma build more features faster, and leveraging Adobe's expertise in vector and video will help add more functionality to their web-based application. Scott said that both companies are committed to making digital product design tools accessible to everyone, and Figma will keep what it has now.

During the keynote, Scott did not address some of the more pressing issues frequently discussed by the design community. As for pricing, Scott further explains how and why Adobe plans to keep Figma working autonomously. Scott said, "Figma is a massively good business right now. One of the best things we can do is say hey, can we help you reach more users?" Rather than maximizing integration between the two companies, Adobe and Figma wanted to focus more on what the community wanted. Dylan told Adobe that the first thing Figma users wish to do now is Adobe fonts. The two companies will eventually start there and see where users take Figma.

Techneverends, Technology News - Figma is the topic the design community has been waiting for at Adobe MAX 2022
Figma is the topic the design community has been waiting for at Adobe MAX 2022. Credit: Adobe

Scott also emphasized the success of Adobe's previous acquisitions. Behance has not only benefited the design community after its acquisition, but it has also become a better product and has grown from 1 million to over 31 million users. Likewise with Substances, their power, accuracy, range, and revenue are far beyond when we acquired them.

Techneverends, Technology News - Adobe Fonts will bring over 20,000 typefaces into Figma
Adobe Fonts will bring over 20,000 typefaces into Figma. Credits: Adobe

Time will tell exactly how many changes Figma will undergo under the aegis of Adobe and, most notably, whether users will be forced to subscribe to Creative Cloud. In addition, when it comes to creativity, Adobe is also dedicating a lot of time at Adobe MAX 2022 to address the concerns of the design community regarding the emergence of AI or Artificial Intelligence-generated design art.

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