Due to Low of Use, Google Translate Discontinued in China

Google unannounced terminated Google Translate service in China. This results in users having to look for other alternatives.
Techneverends, Technology News - Due to Low of Use, Google Translate Discontinued in China
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Techneverends - Reportedly, Google recently stopped their Google Translate service in China. Google carried out this termination without any notification through the Google help page or social media, as Google Stadia did when they stopped their game streaming service.

Currently, Chrome's built-in translation app and features are no longer working. Reportedly users who try to visit the translate.google.cn page are now being redirected to a Google search page.

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Based on the information we quoted from TechCrunch, a Google spokesperson said that Google confirmed this was the right step for the company to decide to stop offering translation services in China. The decision was taken due to the relatively low use of services compared to other countries.

This condition is unusual for Google because they don't publicly announce that one of their popular services will end before it shuts down. It leaves users wondering why they can't access Google's translation service anymore.

Other Services Become Not Working

In addition to causing users to be unable to access the Google Translate page, the decision by Google also made some operations that use Google services not work properly, such as the KOReader application, Document Viewer for the user base in China, and even the functionality of the extension Google Chrome translator.

Currently, most Google services are not available to users in China. And now, plus, the confirmed translator service has been discontinued. This condition could be an opportunity for local companies to develop similar services. But it won't be easy because it will certainly not compete with Google Translate, which currently has a user base of around 53.5 million desktop and mobile users during the period last August. Reported by South China Morning Post.

Complicated Relationship between Google and the Government of China

As we know, Google has a complicated and quite complex relationship with the Chinese government. Since Google entered the Chinese market in 2006, Google has been trying to comply with the rules imposed by the Chinese government. But unfortunately, because of the video footage that was spread on Youtube, which carried news about Chinese security forces committing acts of violence against Tibetans, Google inevitably had to close their search services in this country by diverting searches through the Hong Kong domain or google.com.hk.

It didn't take long for Google to finally be able to re-explore the launch of Google search after the enactment of the national security law in force in Hong Kong.

Wow, what's the matter? How come Google didn't make a notification beforehand? Is there something else going on behind the scenes between Google and China? What do you think? Please share your opinion in the comments column below, and don't forget to visit our social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for other exciting technology news.


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