Elon Musk Showcases Prototype Humanoid Robot Tesla Bot

Elon Musk opened the Tesla AI Day 2022 event by showing off a prototype humanoid robot Tesla Bot. The audience's enthusiasm exploded after the robot.
Techneverends, Technology News - Elon Musk Showcases Tesla Bot Humanoid Robot Prototype
Prototype humanoid robot Tesla Bot walks from behind a large monitor. Image Credit: Tesla

Techneverends - Friday local time, Tesla held their annual Tesla AI Day 2022 event in Palo Alto, California. At this event, Tesla explained the latest developments of several of their products that use artificial intelligence or AI technology, including Tesla vehicles and this latest humanoid robot which technology activists are currently discussing.

Elon Musk opened the event, immediately greeted the audience, and asked them to sit down before the event started. Not long after Musk opened the event, Musk immediately asked the crew to bring out the humanoid robot Tesla Bot. The humanoid robot then appears and moves from behind the large monitor, making the audience stand ovation. The audience was even more motivated after the Tesla Bot greeted them by giving a greeting and slightly swaying to entertain the audience.

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Prototype Tesla Bot moves slowly to the front of the stage in a broken motion like a toy robot. But, this robot is not just any robot because the devices used are almost identical to those in Tesla vehicles, from the components used to the software.

Tesla Will Sell Humanoid Robot

Techneverends image article - Demo activities performed by Humanoid Robot Tesla Bot
Demo activities performed by Humanoid Robot Tesla Bot. Credit: Tesla

Musk went on to provide some information regarding his company's robot development. Musk said that the company is really serious about getting into the market and will market the robots to assist humans in dangerous and boring (repetitive) daily activities. In addition, Musk also reported that Tesla is currently opening several engineering positions to help develop humanoid robots.

Before Musk closed his speech, he appreciated Tesla engineers for working hard to develop humanoid robots that can be displayed at the Tesla AI Day 2022 event.

Featuring the Latest Version of Humanoid Robot Prototype

Musk never ceases to surprise the audience. Musk then asked the crew to show the latest version of the prototype humanoid robot. This time is more exciting because the newest version of the robot does not look stiff and is more flexible than the previous prototype. Musk said that the company will market the robot and is targeting a price of no more than $20,000.

The event then continued with several speeches from Engineers who developed humanoid robots. Each Engineer who spoke explained the body parts of a humanoid robot, starting from the primary devices attached to the robot's body to how the robot can move the hands, fingers, and feet that can balance the robot's body when standing, walking, and performing activities such as lifting things, watering plants, and so on.

Before closing the discussion on humanoid robots, Tesla Engineers added that they would continue testing several test cases to develop the learning process on the robot's machine and refine the components installed before the robot is released and active in the real world.

After that, the event continued by discussing some of the latest information from Tesla vehicles, which you will find in the following article, stay tuned!

It's interesting, isn't it? Maybe in the next few years, our lives will be accompanied and assisted by robots to carry out our daily activities. But, the price is pretty good, almost the price of a middle-class car. Please share your opinion in the comments column below, and don't forget to visit our social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for other technology news.


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