Facebook No Longer Top 10 App Because of TikTok?

The social media application Facebook has lost its appeal to the younger generation of users because they prefer the latest networking applications.
Techneverends, Technology News - Facebook No Longer Top 10 App Because of TikTok?
Meta owns the social media site Facebook. Image Credit: Dima Solomin.

Techneverends - Today, Facebook app has lost its appeal to the younger generation of users. This has been a concern for Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who has previously stated that the company is concerned about failing to inspire the younger generation. They prefer newer social networking apps like Tiktok and BeReal.

Facebook, in recent years, struggled to maintain its position among the top 10 apps of the US App Store. Based on the data found, in 2021, Facebook dropped out of the top 10 applications seven times, and from 2022 until this month, that number jumped to 97 times. This indicates that Facebook may lose its fangs as the top social media because many newcomer applications are perched in the top 10 App Stores. Reported Techcrunch.

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It is known that the top 10 rankings are considered a measure of a company's success, indicating that the applications created successfully attract new and retain existing users.

In September last year, Meta executives told investors that the company was optimizing their platform for younger users. They admit this shift could take a long time, it could be months or even years. But from the statement, there is no indication that the company will succeed in getting the attention of the younger generation, especially now that Meta is risking billions of dollars for the Metaverse project.

Additionally, in February 2022, Meta also reported that Facebook had lost daily active users for the first time in history. It is known that the platform lost a lot of user activity, one of which was due to the war that took place between Russia and Ukraine. The losses caused the growth of the Facebook platform to stagnate.

Internet users are looking for Facebook alternatives for social media, such as Tiktok, BeReal, or Snapchat. Search engine recommendations also drive this because Facebook's ranking in all application stores, such as the App Store and Google Play Store, is currently challenging to compete. To what extent will this trend haunt Facebook?

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