Google Introduces New Generation Chip, Tensor G2

In addition to Pixel products, Google introduced their latest generation chipset, Tensor G2, the main driver of several Google products.
Techneverends, Technology News - Google Introduces New Generation Chip, Tensor G2
Illustration of Tensor G2 chip on a Pixel device. Credit: Google

Techneverends - The headline of Google's event in Brooklyn NYC is not Pixel 7 or even Pixel Watch, but their latest chip, Tensor G2, which optimizes the incredible power of Google Pixel lines.

According to Google, Pixel 7's machine learning has an efficiency rate of up to 20% and 60% faster than previous generations of Pixel or Pixel 6, owing to the most recent Tensor G2 processor capabilities. It is also reported that Tensor G2 can reduce power consumption when users perform features such as recording videos or copying conversations.

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Giving Emoji Suggestions

Techneverends, Technology News - Google Assistant can figure out what emojis you might want to add to a conversation.
Google Assistant can figure out what emojis you might want to add to a conversation. Credit: Google

Most of the information at Google events is related to new feature enhancements using Tensor G2's Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence power.

As we can find in Google Assistant Pixel 7 feature, it is known that the search results or feedback provided are now more accurate and can include emoji suggestions in the form of text messages based on conversations. In addition, quality of phone calls has also been improved because Tensor G2 has succeeded in eliminating background noise when users make a call.

Automatically Get Message Transcript

Thanks to the capabilities of Tensor G2, every audio message sent will automatically get a message transcript that users can choose to continue the conversation. Even better, Pixel 7 can separate and label people using their voices when copying conversations with multiple people.

Techneverends, Technology News - Direct My Call now can provide automatic message options before users are spoken.
Direct My Call now can provide automatic message options before users are spoken. Credit: Google

Another significant improvement is Direct My Call feature, which was previously unique in Pixel 6 lines last year. When using Direct My Call, Pixel users can get an on-screen list of extensions when making calls with an automatic directory. With Tensor G2 support on Pixel 7 smartphones, users don't even have to wait for an automated message to read the options that appear. Pixel 7 will immediately show all the options that the user might use.

Improved Camera Features

In addition to the feature enhancements above, the best way to show off what Tensor G2 can do is by trying the camera's superiority on Pixel 7. Google gives a futuristic touch to the advancement of photography computing, one of them is by providing the Zoom Super Resolution feature on Pixel 7 Pro. Reportedly, this smartphone can also take high-quality photos that are very detailed. Even though the picture is taken from a long distance, Pixel 7 Pro still maintains photo quality when user Zooms in to view the details of the photo.

Techneverends, Technology News - Tensor G2 delivers high-quality photo zoom that can perform 10x zoom with a zoom resolution of up to 30x.
Tensor G2 delivers high-quality photo zoom that can perform 10x zoom with a zoom resolution of up to 30x. Credit: Google

This latest line of Pixel can also refine blurry photos and make them very sharp with the help of the latest Denoiser camera features. Pixel 7 can also combine ultra-wide camera photos with the main camera to produce the highest quality images. In addition, users can exclusively use Pixel 7 technology to remove blurry parts taken with a camera or other smartphone via Google Photos storage.

At this event, Google also introduced improvements to Machine Learning Tensor G2. Google claims that Pixel 7 can produce photos with more realistic skin tones processed by adding 10,000 new images to data set Machine Learning Tensor G2. Machine Learning improvements are also applied to a new feature called Guided Frame, which serves to help users take selfies easily, especially for users who have visual impairments or are blind. Google Voice Assistant will tell users where to place Pixel 7 to center their face into the frame for the best angle.

Video capture using Pixel 7 also gets a pretty significant improvement. Reportedly, Tensor G2 introduced a feature called Cinematic Blur which can make the recorded video appear to focus on a central object. In addition, there is also Video Stabilization, enhanced Auto Focus, and improved Speech Built-in.

As we know, Google debuted Tensor Chip in 2021 and embedded it in Pixel 6 lines. With the advantages of Tensor powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Pixel 6 has many excellent features that are still being used and improved in the latest generation.

One of the excellent features that Google still maintains is Magic Eraser. With this feature, users can remove people or other objects that they don't want to appear in photos. And it seems that for Pixel 7 itself, Zoom Super Resolution feature might become one of the superior features because of its ability to zoom in 10x. Thanks to the latest Tensor G2 chip!

As we know, Apple manufactures their chips and processors, which allow Apple to customize and improve the performance of their devices. This makes Apple a market leader with an enormous level of consumers because they can reduce the costs and optimize the performance of their devices. Apple itself is currently using Chip A series for the latest iPhone devices and M1 and M2 processors for the Desktop and MacBook lines.

Google is known to continue developing their Tensor chip to remain competitive in the smartphone market.

Interesting, right? It turns out that Google's Tensor chip has many advantages that can support our daily activities. The combination of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is a unique advantage for Google's devices. How about you? Are you interested in using Google Pixel? Share your opinion in the comments column below, and don't forget to visit our social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for other exciting technology news.


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