Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, Released With a Low Price

Google introduced their latest flagship, Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, at the Google Hardware event held in Brooklyn Thursday local time.
Techneverends, Technology News - Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, Released With a Low Price
Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro rear view. Image Credit: Google

Techneverends - Google released their latest flagship at the Google Hardware event in Brooklyn Thursday local time. At this event, the newest generation of Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones became the audience's main focus because they offered many changes.

The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro is now continuing the previous Pixel breakthrough. It is rumored to have enhanced technology with a great mix of software, premium hardware, and the development of the latest Tensor and Titan chips. How not?.

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The most significant update embedded in the Pixel 7 is the application of the latest camera system, Tensor G2, and Titan M2, which are improvements from the last chip that have contributed to several advances in taking pictures and security systems. Here's the full review:

Design that Resembles Google Pixel 6

Techneverends image article - Google Pixel 7 Pro rear view
Google Pixel 7 Pro rear view. Image Credit: Google

When we view it in terms of appearance, the Pixel 7 almost resembles the previous generation Pixel or Pixel 6. When compared, the striking difference between the two is only the appearance of the camera cover, which is slightly enhanced by using a perfectly polished aluminum material on the Pixel 7.

It is known that the two latest Pixel models are made using recycled materials with glass for the back and Gorilla Glass Victus on the front. Google guarantees that their latest Pixel will be water and dust-resistant because it has earned an IP68 rating.

Pixel 7 uses an OLED screen 1080x2400 with a refresh rate of 90Hz, pixel density of 416 PPI, and brightness level of 1,400 nits. While Pixel 7 Pro is slightly above the Pixel 7, with an OLED screen 1440x3120 with the same refresh rate, pixel density of 512 PPI, and brightness level of 1,500 nits.

Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro Camera

For cameras, both Pixel 7 have the same 10.8MP front camera, and the only difference is the rear camera. The Pixel 7 uses a 50MP wide-angle camera with an additional 12MP ultra wide-angle camera. While Pixel 7 Pro has the same camera specifications as Pixel 7, with the addition of 48MP telephoto camera, which can do 5x zoom with zoom resolution of up to 30x.

The Pixel 7's front camera can produce images for low-light photography conditions, create stunning 4K 60FPS videos, and attractive wide-angles for selfies with large groups of people. With the combination of Tensor G2, you can explore additional features such as Magic Eraser, Motion Mode, and Face Unblur. Other features are also embedded in this Pixel camera, such as Cinematic Blur, Real Tone, Night Sight and Portrait modes, Photo Unblur, and Guided Frame.

New Chip Tensor G2 and Titan M2

Techneverends image article - Display of the latest chips, Tensor G2 and Titan M2
Display of the latest chips, Tensor G2 and Titan M2. Image Credit: Google

At this event, Google also introduced its latest hardware, Tensor G2, combined with the latest AI technology. The Tensor G2 is known to have provided the impression of the newest technology and additional support for camera enhancements such as Super Resolution Zoom feature on the Pixel 7 Pro and improved Night Sight and Face Unblur modes.

In addition to the Tensor G2, Google also introduced the latest Titan M2 hardware, which makes the Google Pixel now able to unlock smartphones using Face Unlock as an addition to the fingerprint sensor on the screen. Google says this feature is still in the stage of further development, so the security level for Face Unlock can be increased. However, currently, Google limits the use of Face Unlock for some features because many susceptible features still require users to use a fingerprint sensor to unlock.

Battery Life

Google claims the battery embedded in the Pixel 7 device can last more than 72 hours. But it looks like Google hasn't made many changes to this smartphone because the battery capacity used by Pixel 7 is almost the same as the previous generation. It is known that the Pixel 7 uses a 4335mAh battery, and Pixel 7 Pro uses a 5000mAh battery which is the same size as the Pixel 6 Pro.

Thanks to the 30w USB-C charging device, both Pixels can charge almost half a full charge in just 30 minutes. But unfortunately, this charging device is not included in the box of purchase.

RAM and Storage Space

Pixel 7 comes with 8GB of RAM with 128GB and 256GB of storage space. While Pixel 7 Pro offers 12GB of RAM with 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB of storage space.

Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro prices

Pixel 7 is much cheaper when compared to iPhone 14. The price for the Pixel 7 is released starting at $599, and you know what? It is $200 more affordable compared to the iPhone 14. While the price for Pixel 7 Pro is released starting at $899. Both Pixels are now available for pre-order on Google Store and will begin shipping later this month.

Wow, that's interesting. Google's latest flagship is different from those on the market, but did you know that some of the features on the Google Pixel 7 have been implemented by competitors, including Apple and Samsung? Please share your opinion in the comments column below, and don't forget to visit our social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for other exciting technology news.


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