Mark Zuckerberg Introduces New VR Headset, Quest Pro

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, introduced the latest VR headset, Quest Pro in front of developers who attended the Meta Connect event.
Techneverends image article - Mark Zuckerberg Introduces New VR Headset, Quest Pro
A look at Meta's newest VR headset, Quest Pro. Image Credit: Meta

Techneverends - On Wednesday morning, at Meta Connect event, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced their latest VR headset, Quest Pro. This new Meta headset will be priced at $1,499, almost four times the price of the current Meta headset, Quest 2, which starts at $399.

Quest Pro headset offers a thinner lens with a battery component that curves at the back of the head, plus a controller that can track movement automatically. This headset can also allow users to see their surroundings through the edge of the screen.

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Quest Pro headset has the ability to combine the digital world with the user's reality. Unlike the previous generation, which could only view digital content without being able to incorporate the real world. Zuck said that this condition of combining the digital world and reality is the next significant rarity for the development of the virtual world or Metaverse.

Techneverends image article - Illustration of using Quest Pro in a work environment
Illustration of using Quest Pro in a work environment. Image Credit: Meta

One of Gartner's technology analysis experts, Tuong Nguyen, said that the high price marketed for this new Meta Headset makes it a device suitable for high-end users and has the potential for enterprise users compared to the mass market in general. Reported by BBC News.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has staked its future on creating a virtual world or Metaverse. Metaverse itself is a place where users can carry out daily activities in the physique of an avatar that can explore unlimited virtual spaces.

Windows 365 Will be Available on Metaverse

Many tech companies are now developing their Metaverse, but it may take a few more years before that becomes a reality. One of them is Microsoft, which recently announced that their Windows 365 office platform would be available in a virtual world, as stated by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in a meeting. Satya said this is an effort made by Microsoft, considering that Meta is developing a medium to combine the world of reality with the virtual world as a tool to support work and entertainment media.

As we know, Meta has previously developed a virtual reality world called Horizon Worlds. This virtual world has received a lot of feedback and mixed reviews from several parties until there was a report stating that there are several avatars that commit violence and sexual assault in it. Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth said that he acknowledged the development of this virtual world would take time before it is ready for widespread use.

VR Applications Have Many Benefits

During the event, there was a lot of talk about how virtual reality applications are being used. Some of these have proven to be hugely profitable for developers, such as using VR apps in the video game Resident Evil 4, which recorded $2 million in revenue within 24 hours of the game's first public release.

Meta also announced new VR games, including Iron Man and Among Us, as well as an upcoming partnership with Microsoft Xbox Cloud Gaming. But unfortunately, there is no further announcement regarding the VR game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that Rockstar Games fans have been waiting for. In addition, CTO Meta Andrew also reported that the most popular application with the most significant number of downloads in the Quest store is Youtube VR.

Wow, it's interesting. Virtual space is now showing its capability to support everyday human life. But are you interested in using this new Meta headset, at least during the discussion, or playing games with your friends in different locations? Share your opinion in the comments column below, and don't forget to visit our social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for other exciting technology news.


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