Youtuber Makes the World's First PlayStation 5 Slim

Since its release at the end of 2020, PlayStation 5 has attracted a lot of attention from gaming console fans from around the world.
PlayStation 5 can even be considered the size of a coin. Credit: Youtube DIY Perks.

Techneverends - Since its release at the end of 2020, PlayStation 5 has attracted a lot of attention from gaming console fans. Even today, Sony still struggles to make PlayStation 5 available to all fans worldwide.

PlayStation 5 is the largest console in the history of PlayStation compared to its predecessors. Despite all that, it is known that many have complained about the immense size of the console. When it was first released, many complained that the PlayStation 5 console was too challenging to place in TV cabinets or other places commonly used to store the consoles.

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The coupled appearance of the console is white, and when we compare it to its predecessor PlayStation 4, it is much more simple, elegant, and futuristic with a black layer. This condition makes gaming console fans wonder when Sony will develop PlayStation 5 to a simpler (smaller) version or with a more modern device structure.

Gaming console fans can immediately see the latest version of PlayStation 5 because a Youtuber with a channel called DIY Perks made that wish come true by dramatically overhauling the PlayStation 5's appearance by putting it in a sleek metal case.

But those efforts didn't all go smoothly. Rebuilding the PlayStation 5 had burned hardware components to the point where they stopped working. In addition, because it uses a slim metal box, it requires a separate cooling system from the console.

The efforts made by DIY Perks finally paid off. He made a slim version of PlayStation 5, which was previously 10cm in size and is now 2.5cm. It looks more attractive and works well.

As we know, Sony usually releases a slim version of the console sometime after the first console is released. Besides that, the embedded technology is also developed to match the smaller console. The power supply is also adjusted and placed outside the unit in almost the same way.

Actually, DIY Perks has made a custom PlayStation 5 before. If you visit his Youtube channel, you will see many versions of PlayStation 5 that are no less interesting.

Crazy right? For those who want to custom PlayStation 5, you can use the DIY Perks Youtube channel as a reference. Everything is there if you need something elegant, high-end, and futuristic. Please share your experience in the comments column below if you have downloaded it. And don't forget to visit our social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for other exciting technology news.


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