Does Microsoft PowerPoint want to be Like TikTok?

Microsoft is developing a PowerPoint application with vertical presentation editing in beta for iOS users.
Techneverends, Technology News - Does Microsoft PowerPoint want to be Like TikTok?
Microsoft PowerPoint views with Draw feature. Image Credit: Microsoft 365

Techneverends - Considering modern smartphones' design and user interface, using applications such as TikTok, which topped the most demanded applications today, has become the preferred choice of many users. So, it's no wonder Microsoft has now decided to launch a new mobile version of its PowerPoint app with support for portrait mode or vertically oriented slide show presentations.

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Portrait mode is currently available for iPhone and iPad users in the Microsoft Office Insider program. As reported via The Verge, Microsoft did not mention when the ability to create slideshows in portrait mode will be available on Android devices. The company says the decision to develop PowerPoint for smartphones and tablets stems from current trends.

It is known that Microsoft is testing the waves in this market by launching portrait mode in public beta, and it is immediately available to everyone. Microsoft says Insiders must use version 2.68 (Build 22112003) or later to access this functionality. However, if you are an Office Insider user and rely on PowerPoint to help you create presentations regularly, this latest application from Microsoft can provide many benefits.

Users can switch between landscape and portrait orientation by hovering over the Design option from the Home tab, followed by orientation, as shown in the iPad and iOS screenshots below. This is, of course, useful when you make PowerPoint slides on a smartphone.

Techneverends, Technology News - Microsoft PowerPoint display on iPad and iPhone devices
Microsoft PowerPoint display on iPad and iPhone devices. Image Credit: Android Police

We're also curious whether Google Slides will follow in Microsoft's footsteps of having mobile and tablet apps capable of mobile presentations.

Note that if you're using PowerPoint, Google Slides, or a similar program on your desktop, there should be a way to format your slides to whatever aspect ratio you want. Making mobile viewing a priority could be good if more productivity apps support it and see platforms like video conferencing apps follow suit.

Obviously, the next step for Microsoft is to find some way to make PowerPoint template designs more excellent and adaptable to any screen in either portrait or landscape orientation. However, right now, it's still in the baby-step phase. As such, only time will tell if PowerPoint users pick it up. However, it's good to see the company actively attracting more creators who are already familiar with Instagram Reels and TikTok.

Wow, it's worth a try, folks. Are you willing to try portrait mode in PowerPoint when it's available on Android? Share your opinion in the comments column below, and remember to tell us about any technology information we missed. In addition, please visit our social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for other exciting technology news.


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